Taylor Swift: The Cat Mag’s first “Celebrity Cat Lover of the Month”.

Taylor Swift Celebrity Cat Lover of the Month

Taylor Swift The Cat Mag AwardThe “Celebrity Cat Lover of the Month” is awarded to exceptional celebrities chosen by the cats of The Cat Mag. To win this prestigious award the celebrity must have shown outstanding cat love over an extended period.

Taylor Swift was our obvious first choice and was unanimously voted as the very first “Celebrity Cat Lover of the Month”.

Frank L. Whiting, founder, publisher, senior editor and art director says, “Taylor Swift has of course won numerous awards, but we are pretty sure she will be most proud of this one! After all lots of other people have won Grammys, Peoples Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards and whatever, but only Taylor Swift has won “Celebrity Cat Lover of the Month”!”

What makes this award even more unique is we’re not just giving some generic statuette or plaque. The Cat Mag teamed up with Rebecca Fischer of Beccavision to create unique pieces of art that our winners will treasure forever!

Rebecca perfectly complements the idea behind “Celebrity Cat Lover of the Month”. Beccavision isn’t just art, it’s love! Rebecca Fischer, Beccavision artist and owner, puts her heart and soul into every piece of work she does. The same qualities we look for in choosing our award winners.

Taylor’s award features her cats Olivia and Meredith expressed in the bright, whimsical colors and the swirling lines that gives Rebecca’s art a truly unique character.

Join us in congratulating Taylor Swift as the very first recipient of this prestigious award.

If you know a celebrity who has shown exceptional love to a cat or cats, you may nominate him or her by emailing their name and why you think they should be nominated to: info@TheCatMag.com

You don’t need to be a celebrity to own one of Rebecca’s unique art works! Visit www.BeccaVision.com and you can order your own pet portrait.

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