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Frank L Whiting Publisher - The Cat MagazineFrank L. Whiting – Founder, Publisher, Editor, Senior Writer, Art Director

I was abandoned by my original human, then rescued by the Oakville Humane Society. After a number of months I adopted a couple of humans.

I always had an interest in writing and so with the encouragement of my adoptive humans I created The Cat Mag. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to meeting you and sharing our stories.

The Cat Mag Art Department  Picasso, Leonardo & Rembrandt – The Art Dept.

We are triplets born to the famous English painter, John Catstable and the world famous soprano from New Zealand Kitty Te Kanawa.

We studied at the Royal Academy, but were forced to leave after the first semester. We prefer not to say anything more than the charges were completely unfounded. And given a reasonable hearing we could have explained everything!

The Cat Mag AstrologerThe Divine Mr D – The Cat Mag Astrologer

I am one with the Universe and all there is. I can feel the power within and I realize my true nature. I am radiant, beautiful, and everlasting. And I have the power to change this Universe. I am omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient… omniCATegorical. I am the Divine Mr D!

Entertainment Reporter - The Cat MagRyan Seacat – Entertainment Reporter

Of course you know me and love me as much as I do! I collect 1960’s vinyl records and I’m working on my first album, tentatively titled, The Cat Never Left, with my backing group, The Muddy Bottom Tom Cat Stompers.

I look forward to my association with The Cat Mag and see no conflict of interest between recording albums and reviewing them.

Contibutor - The Cat MagazineQueen Nefertiti (Tiffy) – Contributor

Queen Nefertiti has been described as ‘A lady about town’. She has also been called ‘A lady of the night’, ‘A lady of the streets’ and ‘A lady of many talents’! Certain members of society have sometimes been heard to whisper, “Queen Nefertiti ain’t no lady!” But regardless of her title we are very happy to have her working for us here at The Cat Mag

Cisco & Herbert - Movie & Video Reviews - The Cat MagazineCisco & Herbert – Movie & Video Reviews

We first met when we were hired as background actors on Catwoman. After wasting 2 months of our lives we were cut out of all our scenes thus making a bad movie even worse!

We vowed never to appear in another bad movie but would instead devote our lives to helping others save time and money by avoiding them!

Note from Cisco – Halle Berry does give good tummy rubs!

London - Travel Reporter - The Cat MagazineLondon – Travel & Lifestyle Reporter

 I travel the world to bring you the best experiences a cat could have. I expect nothing less than purrfection and luxury!

Olivia Ashley-Cooper Columist - The Cat MagDame Olivia Ashley-Cooper – Columnist Dame Olivia personally tests every thing she reviews so you can be sure you only buy the best products for your cat.

She is also available for debutante balls, cocktails and any society function that needs to add a touch of class!

Dr WatsonDr. Watson – Crime Reporter

The name on the door was Watson & Sherlock. He thought that was hilarious. I thought it was stupid! Sherlock is a private detective. Watson is me… I’m the cat!  Ride along with me, and the idiot Sherlock, as we solve crimes while facing excitement, danger and adventure on the mean streets of Toronto!

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