Cisco & Herbert Late Night Fight Controversy

Cat Video ReviewersA controversy erupted last night in Hollywood when Cisco gave the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 1 paw up while Herbert apparently slept through most of the movie.

A spokesman for the pair said Herbert had no comment except to say the seats at the Warner bros screening room were extremely comfortable and gave them 2 paws up. Cisco immediately countered that however comfortable the seats may be Herbert could in fact only give 1 paw up. Herbert’s response was to hiss and swot Cisco across the nose.

A spokesman for #thecatmag said that Herbert had been under a lot of pressure lately and this minor disagreement would have absolutely no effect on their relationship to each other or the magazine.

Questioned by a reporter later Herbert was heard to mutter “assh*le”. It is unclear at this time whether he was referring to the reporter or Cisco!

Unconfirmed rumours have Herbert checking into the Kitty Ford Clinic

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