Queen Nefertiti (Tiffy) Joins The Cat Mag

The Cat Mag Women's Issues EditorFrank L. Whiting announced this morning that Queen Nefertiti (previously known as Tiffy!) is the newest addition to the staff of The Cat Mag.

Queen Nefertiti, who is currently pregnant, will write about women’s issues.

Ms Nefertiti has been described as ‘A lady about town’!

She has also been called ‘A lady of the night’, ‘A lady of the streets’ and ‘A lady of many talents’!

Certain members of society have sometimes been heard to whisper, “Queen Nefertiti ain’t no lady!”

But regardless of her title we are very happy to have her working for us here at The Cat Mag, and are confident that her wealth of experience will bring unique insights to our magazine.

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