The Cat Mag Announces FREE Subscriptions

The Cat Mag FREE Subscription

The Cat Mag Premiere Edition CoverStarting in January 2017 The Cat Mag will be offered FREE. Published 4 times a year you can subscribe at our website for your free subscription. Simply enter your name and email address at and you will receive the first edition in January.

It’s no coincidence that many of the greatest writers of the twentieth century were cat lovers – Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Hunter S. Thomson, Doris Lessing, Raymond Chandler, and so many more. One has to ask, how much of their talent was their own… And how much was actually their cat’s?

To find out, subscribe to The Cat Mag, and spend quality time every month with, the Publisher – Frank L Whiting, Astrologer – The Divine Mr D, Reviews with a Touch of Class – Olivia Ashley-Cooper, Entertainment and shameless self-promotion – Ryan Seacat, Movie and video reviews – Cisco & Herbert, The Female Feline – Queen Nefertiti, Hilarity and Absurdity – Comic Cat, and a host of other “Cats with Attitude”!

In the first edition:

Living with FIV – what your human needs to know

The Vet – helpful friend or implacable enemy

Pregnancy – dream come true or nightmare

I Like to Watch – humans in the bathroom

Cat of the Month – if you’re a cat you should enter to win this prestigious award

Plus product reviews. movie reviews, entertainment, horoscopes and so much more!

If you’re a cat or a cat lover you can’t afford not to subscribe to this incredible magazine

So subscribe now and don’t miss a single issue. Just enter your name and email address at and you’ll be subscribed.

And don’t worry, we might be cats, but we hate SPAM (we do however love Catnip, Kibble and treats, so feel free to send us some 🙂 ) so will never sell or rent your email.

Note: Frank L Whiting, our boss, says we can’t solicit gifts, something about journalistic ethics, whatever that is! So don’t send any gifts. But if we happen to meet, catnip is always appropriate!

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